Use Learning with Texts (LWT) for free, no installation required

I noticed that many people have struggled to install Learning with Texts (LWT) on their own computer, so I decided to host it for the public for free.

To use LWT, please register for an account and then login by using the links below:

  1. Register
  2. Login

If you enjoy using LWT, please tell your friends and spread the word!

What is Learning with Texts?

The goal of Learning with Texts is to learn a foreign language while you read books, articles, or any text you want.

When you find a word you don’t know, click on the word to bring up an online dictionary.

Enter the definition you want and choose a status between 1-5 how well you know the word.

Unfamiliar words will have a red background and familiar words will appear green.

The goal is to move words from red (1) to green (5) by seeing the words used in context many times.

Definitions are saved across texts and can be displayed above the word.

LWT also has a built in audio player for text with an accompanying audio.

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